NFS/RDMA is a binding of NFS to RPC/RDMA, an RPC-layer protocol that allows NFS to use RDMA networks such as InfiniBand and iWARP. NFS/RDMA transparently allows applications, NFS protocol features, and NFS users to take advantage of high bandwidth, low latency RDMA networks.

This project was created in 2004 to develop an NFS/RDMA client and server for Linux. The project released implementations of NFS/RDMA for Linux 2.4 and 2.6, culminating in the acceptance of the NFS/RDMA client and server into mainline Linux. The NFS/RDMA client was merged into mainline Linux 2.6.24 (released in January 2008) and the NFS/RDMA server was merged into mainline Linux 2.6.25 (released in April 2008).

To obtain the NFS/RDMA client and server implementations for Linux, please download the latest mainline Linux kernel from

For instructions on setting up NFS/RDMA, please see this file in your Linux kernel's source tree:



  • IETF NFSv4 Working Group, standards body in which the NFS/RDMA protocol is being defined (see NFS RDMA Problem Statement, RDMA Transport for ONC RPC, and NFS Direct Data Placement)

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